by overyourmind


What a daily irony we used to live: each day of our existence we approve this irony. Each power we increase with our consumption, each evolution, each progress, is just a new stone added at this chimerical edifice.

Which sort of humanity could exist in an injustice and a lack of positive human behaviour?

How could humans being a complex merge of pros and cons, a mix of meanness and generosity? How could the word “humanity” exist? How could we define it?

I would love to say that humanity is a society’s dream where kindness survives above everything. Humanity is just a statement. This expression describes a race. This expression draws a pathetic image of what we are supposed to be. The worst thing is that this expression is supposed to have a positive meaning.

I would love to hear, how it is positive to be a human. Is it a proof of humanity to give a glass of water to a slave? Is it positive to give some coins to a homeless and approving that our society let people dying under a bridge? What kind of “the quality of being human, benevolence” (definition of humanity) needs laws to remind its human’s rights?

I would love to hear from which concrete origin and example, humanity could be a synonym of compassion, consideration and tolerance. Specially would understand how that could be defined as “mercy”. Right and justice answer society needs that we could understand. But is a law always fair? And how could we call “justice” something which is not that fair when we consider the history of its creation?

Humanity, as human race, is the most unfair race. Humans created laws because they couldn’t handle their tendency to succumb to evil temptations.  Needing boundaries is the first proof of the lack of kindness that humans live with.

All of us. We all create a superficial world with blinders on, seeing what we want to face. We choose to think about how to organise our garden when some countries don’t have fertile soils. We choose to ignore the raped kid next door. We choose to forget our history which explains how humans had always to fight their dual being: always trying to find the balance between terror and order.

I would love to hear once, humanity assuming that humans are the worst race happening to nature. I would love to assume being a part of this worst thing. I would love to find, once, a way to apologise.